What's my subdomain?

If you don't know what to type in the field on the below login screen, there are two likely options:

  1. You have an account on the Enterprise version of Xively (https://app.xively.com/login), but have forgotten or never knew the custom subdomain for your account. In this case:

    • Contact your account admin to find the subdomain. The admin who originally created your account received an email from Xively with a reminder of the custom subdomain.
    • Provide the subdomain. That will redirect you to your custom login page where you log in with your email and password.
    • After logging in, copy your account ID and save if for the future. The account ID is accessible from the settings menu on the top right-hand corner in the Xively mangement app.
  2. You have an account on the older version of Xively (called "Personal Xively"). You should be aware - this is a deprecated legacy platform, with no ongoing support. We would recommend you switch to the latest version of the platform - you can get a free account at https://www.xively.com/trial.
    If you do indeed have an older "Personal Xively" account, use the login screen at https://personal.xively.com.

Login Screen 1: Subdomain or Account ID

This is the default login screen where you can enter your subdomain or account ID, and be redirected to your custom subdomain login page.

Login Screen 2: Username and Password

This screen appears if you go directly to the custom subdomain login for your account.

For example, if your account's subdomain is widgetco, your login page is https://widgetco.app.xively.com/login.

Login Screen 3: Personal Xively (legacy and unsupported)

This is the login screen for the deprecated legacy version of the Xively platform, called "Personal Xively".